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We firmly believe no one should be excluded from soul nourishment opportunities due to hardship. 
If you are interested in package options or require financial assistance, please contact us at

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Initial consultations are focused on your chosen chart and the most current pressing issue(s). We use this tool in follow up sessions.  You will find, however, that it is a lifelong guide you can access at any time, even in conjunction with other healing modalities.  In addition to the Chart, you will receive a custom essence blend  (1 ounces - about 1 month supply) to support you in moving through the patterns/blockages so that you can be more "evenminded" as you move forward. 

Follow up multi-session packages may be available.  Please ask if you are interested.

If you do not want the initial Chart reading that is perfectly okay!  Feel free to book a Single Consultation session.

All blends are unique to you and your current situation. There is no set number of essences (typically more that 3 and less than 10) in the included 1 ounce dropper bottle (about at 1 month supply.)  I have a wide collection of essence repertoires from around the world, which include flower, gemstone and environmental. With this variety of essences, I am able to hone in on a very nuanced formula just for you.  I use organic essences, as well as organic brandy and/0r glycerin as a preservative, and spring water. 


I believe joyous giving leads to graceful receiving. 

As a flower essence practitioner, I receive an abundance of gifts from nature. In gratitude, SoulNRG donates 1% of its sales to non-profits committed to nourishing, restoring and and help to grow the Earth's ability to continue to give to us without further harm to it.

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